Can a Child Be Named As a Life Insurance Beneficiary?

At Brittany Olson Insurance Agency LLC, serving the greater Cloquet, MN area, one of the insurance products that we offer is life insurance. It is strongly recommended that every parent have life insurance so that their children can continue to live the same life they have grown accustomed to if the parent passes away early. When you hear this, one of the questions you may have is whether or not a child can be named as a life insurance beneficiary. 

Can a Child Be Named As a Life Insurance Beneficiary?

A child can be named as a life insurance beneficiary. However, a life insurance company will not pay money out to a child who is under the age of 18. This is why many people leave the money to their spouses or whoever will be caring for the child until they turn 18 – if their child is not yet 18. 

What Can Happen If Your Child is Not an Adult and the Beneficiary?

If your child is not yet an adult, it is strongly recommended that you create a trust, so the life insurance money goes into a trust. If your child is named a beneficiary and you pass away before they turn 18, the courts will have to appoint a court-ordered custodian to oversee the money. This can create delays in the payments.  

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If you are looking to purchase life insurance, and your child is not yet an adult, you may want to leave the life insurance policy in the name of the person who will be taking care of your child or ensure that a trust is set up for your child so the life insurance money goes straight into the trust. If you are looking to purchase a life insurance policy in the greater Cloquet, MN area, call Brittany Olson Insurance Agency LLC to get started. 

Tips for preparing your home and family for an emergency

In a world with very uncertain weather, emergencies related to that weather are quite common. Being prepared for them is important to the safety of you and your family. At Brittany Olson Insurance Agency LLC in Cloquet, MN, you will be working with a third-generation independent insurance agent. We will make sure you get the personalized service you desire. 

Tips for preparing your home and family for an emergency

When an emergency happens, whether it is in the summer or in the winter, the fact that you will most likely lose power is the first emergency preparation that needs to be done. Having a generator is pretty much a must if you don’t want to lose all your food or have your pipes freeze. Generators can be operated with gasoline or with propane. If you have a whole house automatic generator, they usually use propane. With a large generator, you can run your whole house as if no emergency is happening.

Without a generator, or with a smaller one, you need to have a supply of battery-operated lights, bottled water, and other supplies. You may be able to operate a furnace or air conditioner and maybe your refrigerator, but not everything in your home. You should also have a battery-operated radio and something like a Halo which can charge your phones and electronics. In a pinch, your vehicle has a charger and a radio. 

Having an evacuation plan for your family is vital to your safety. Not only do you need a plan to evacuate the area, you need a plan to evacuate your home in the event of a fire. Every member of the family needs to know where they are to meet, and you should do rehearsals.  

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Should I Buy Collision Or Comprehensive Coverage?

When it comes to car insurance, there are a lot of options to choose from. One of the most important decisions you’ll make is whether to buy collision or comprehensive coverage. Both types of coverage are important, but they offer different benefits.

Here are the differences between collision and comprehensive coverage and help you decide which one is right for you:

What Is Collision Insurance?

Collision insurance is one of the most common types of car insurance. It covers damage to your car from collisions with other objects, such as other vehicles, trees, or guardrails. If you’re at fault for an accident, your collision coverage will pay for the repairs to your car. If you’re not at fault, your collision coverage will pay for the repairs to your car, minus your deductible.

What Is Comprehensive Insurance?

Comprehensive insurance is another common type of car insurance. It covers damage to your car from events that are not collisions, such as theft, vandalism, or weather damage. If you have comprehensive coverage and your car is stolen or damaged by a hurricane, your insurance will pay for the repairs. Like collision coverage, if you’re not at fault for an accident, your comprehensive coverage will pay for the repairs to your car, minus your deductible.

Should I Buy Collision or Comprehensive Coverage?

The answer to this question depends on a few factors. First, consider the value of your car. If your car is worth less, buying collision or comprehensive coverage may not make sense. The cost of the coverage will likely be more than the value of your car. Second, consider your driving habits. If you live in an area with a lot of traffic, or you’re a frequent driver in Cloquet, MN, you may want to consider collision coverage.

If you have an older car or you don’t drive often, comprehensive coverage may be a better option for you. Comprehensive coverage at Brittany Olson Insurance Agency LLC will protect your car from damage that isn’t caused by collisions.

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So, what’s the verdict? Should you buy collision or comprehensive coverage? The answer is: it depends. Talk to us at Brittany Olson Insurance Agency LLC in Cloquet, MN to get expert advice on which coverage is right for you. We’ll help you make the best decision for your needs and budget.

What type of life insurance is right for me and my situation?

Anyone living in the Cloquet, MN area will have insurance needs. One type of coverage to never overlook is life insurance. If you have a life insurance plan, it can provide financial protection for those that you care about. If you are looking for coverage, there are many options to consider. It is important to consider your various options, which can include term and whole life protection.  

Life Insurance Plans

Term Coverage

A type of life insurance that is ideal for many people is term life coverage. A term life plan is often ideal because you have a lot of flexibility when it comes to customizing the plan in terms of coverage amount and policy length. As long as payments continue to be made during the term, you will continue to have coverage. An added benefit is that you tend to have more affordable premiums than with other options.

Whole Life Coverage

Getting a whole life plan is ideal for some people as well. When you get a whole life plan, it will continue to provide coverage for the rest of your life if payments continue to be made. While it can be more expensive on a monthly basis, it does come with investment advantages that can make it a good addition to a long-term financial plan. 

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To pick the proper life insurance plan, it would be a good idea for you to call a professional that you can trust. As you are shopping for a new plan, we at Brittany Olson Insurance Agency LLC in Cloquet, MN are here to help. There are many choices to make when looking for coverage and Brittany Olson Insurance Agency LLC can offer any guidance you need to understand your options and build an ideal policy. 

How Home Insurance Protects You

When you have your own home, it’s always necessary to keep a home insurance policy for it. Your lender will require you to have it, and if you have a homeowner’s association, it will as well. But even if you have neither of these things, it’s smart to have home insurance to protect what is your largest investment. Contact us at Brittany Olson Insurance Agency LLC in Cloquet, MN to get started.

Protection for Your Home

Your home is a major investment, and it can cost an enormous amount to repair if a damaging incident happens to it. When an accident, disaster, or calamity happens to your home and there is damage to it, your home policy will pay for the repairs that are needed to fix it. If the home needs to be rebuilt after it is destroyed, your policy will also pay for this. 

Possessions Protection

Another large investment that you have in your possessions. When your belongings are in your home, they are protected by your home insurance policy. It’s vital to have this coverage so that you have protection after a serious incident happens. A damaging incident that ruins your belongings can be highly expensive, and your home insurance will pay for them to be replaced. It’s hard to go without this coverage because it is so important to keep. 

Liability Protection

When you have home insurance, it pays for the liability that you carry as a homeowner. If a third party came to your house and have an accident there, you could be held responsible for the lost wages and medical bills of the person injured. With this insurance, you can help pay for those expenses. 

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When you are a homeowner, it’s important to protect yourself and what you own. You can do that with home insurance. Call us at Brittany Olson Insurance Agency LLC in Cloquet, MN.


Documents you should always have in your vehicle

At Brittany Olson Insurance Agency LLC in Cloquet, MN, we are a team of dedicated insurance professionals who work hard to provide our customers with the personal service they deserve.  As independent insurance agents, we can offer more options and find you the most affordable products.  

Documents you should always have in your vehicle

Every state has regulations and requirements in order to get your vehicle on the road and you behind the wheel. You need to be aware of those regulations but you need to follow them every time you drive your vehicle. 

Vehicle registration

If you have moved to Minnesota or are a current resident, you must register your motor vehicle. For new residents, you must prove who you are and prove ownership of the vehicle. You can do that by producing the title of the vehicle. If you don’t have the title because you still have a loan, you need to show your current registration. The Minnesota vehicle registration must be renewed every year. 

Your driver’s license

Your driver’s license should be on your person pretty much everywhere you go. Not only is it a picture ID but it shows that you have completed the necessary testing to have earned the right to drive. If a police officer requests to see your driver’s license, make sure that you have it where it is easy to access.

Insurance card

When you get your new auto insurance or you renew your old insurance, you will get a page with your policy that has a copy or two of your insurance card. If possible, place it in a plastic sleeve and put it in your glove box immediately. Place it in close proximity to your vehicle registration. 

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Common Life Insurance Misconceptions

Brittany Olson Insurance Agency LLC serves the Cloquet, MN community, as well as the surrounding areas. We strive to offer high-quality customer service. We are committed to helping our clients find policies that align with their unique needs. We will consult with you and help you assess your options so that you can obtain coverage to protect you well into the future.

Common Life Insurance Misconceptions

Life is full of unexpected moments. Life insurance provides a safety net for your loved ones in the event of your passing. While your loved ones deal with grief regarding your passing, the policy can help them settle your affairs or finalize funeral arrangements. This ensures a smooth transition of your assets once you’ve passed away. While looking over your life insurance policy, avoid these common misconceptions.

I Have No Dependents So Coverage Isn’t Necessary

Obtaining life insurance is beneficial regardless of your relationship status. Even if you’re single, life insurance can help your loved ones settle your affairs if you pass away. The policy also gives you an opportunity to leave a legacy behind. Life insurance can prevent you from leading your loved ones to handle a burden.

My Children Are Adults Now So I Don’t Need Coverage

Even if your children have moved out and are pursuing careers in the Cloquet, MN community, life insurance is still an asset. If you don’t have coverage, settling your affairs may become complicated. The easiest way to ensure that everything goes smoothly is through obtaining coverage.

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What add-ons are available for home insurance?

Protecting your home in Cloquet, MN, means protecting one of your largest investments. At Brittany Olson Insurance Agency LLC, we want you to understand your home insurance options thoroughly to obtain the coverage you need.

Protecting Your Home

When you purchase a house as your home, you get more choices for your home insurance than if you bought a condo or RV for your home. You can choose one of the three different policies for a house – dwelling, standard, or all-perils. The main difference between those relates to the named perils they cover.

The term peril refers to a natural or man-made hazard that could damage the home or its contents. Dwelling policies cover ten named perils. A standard home policy covers 16 named perils. An all-perils policy does just what it sounds like and covers all possible perils.

You can increase the number of coverages within the liability or personal property coverage amounts up to the maximum allowed by the underwriter. You can also add coverage to any of the types of home policies.

Add-ons and Secondary Insurance

You can add on a jewelry policy or an umbrella policy. You can also include a rider in the policy that increases coverage to include business liability. A jewelry policy provides replacement value coverage for your fine jewelry, such as a diamond engagement ring. The typical home policy automatically includes about $1,000 of coverage for jewelry.

An umbrella policy covers your liability over and above the home policy. The typical home policy covers your liability to between 10 and 20 percent of the home’s value. An umbrella policy lets you increase that coverage by adding a secondary policy to your primary policy, which refers to your home policy. You can add up to $1 million in coverage for just a few dollars per month.

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