Condo Insurance in Minnesota

Since many residents in Minnesota have started taking on the advantage that condo living has to offer, it is vital that you are aware of why you need a condo insurance policy of your own. You may already be paying into a community policy used for the shared areas, but anything that happens behind your door is your responsibility.

Is Condo Insurance Required?

If you are carrying a mortgage or lien on the condo, your lender will often require you to have a full coverage condo insurance policy. This policy is meant for any space owned solely by you and for which you are responsible.

Property Protection

if your condo is damaged due to something beyond your control, your insurance policy will provide compensation. Personal items such as the following can be replaced:

  • Furniture
  • Appliances
  • Clothing
  • Electronics
  • Jewelry

Anything that you have of value should be reported to be replaced.

Comprehensive Coverage

Because condos only have one entry in most cases, they can easily be targeted for crime. If your condo is violated during a vandalism attack or theft, your insurance company will cover damage done to the property that is yours specifically. You will need your community policy for any walls or areas shared with another unit.

Liability Protection

If you are a pet owner or like to entertain regularly, you should ensure liability coverage. Should one of your guests get hurt in your condo from a dog bite or a fall, you could be held responsible for their damages and expenses.

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