Home Insurance in Minnesota

Contact Brittany Olson Insurance Agency LLC, serving Cloquet, MN, when you need homeowners' insurance. Our office offers all eight home insurance policy types, so we can help you insure your Minnesota home, rental home, historic home, or newly built home. Our insurance agency offers homeowners' policies for primary residences, vacation homes, and landlord policies for rental properties.

When you purchase a home using a mortgage lender, the financial institution will require you to purchase homeowners' insurance to help mitigate its risk. You may not have realized the diversity within home insurance. There's a home policy for each type of home. Each differs slightly, depending on the needs.

If you:

  • Buy a new home- you'll need either an all-perils policy or a standard home policy. The significant difference is that the all-perils option covers essentially any natural hazard that could occur, from a tornado to fire. You'll only need a flood insurance policy to round out your coverage. A standard policy covers 16 typical perils.
  • Buy an architecturally significant home- you'll need historic home coverage (HO-8), which covers fewer perils than a standard or all-perils policy - typically between ten and 16.
  • Buy a historical home- you'll need historic home coverage (HO-8).
  • Rent a home to another person- you'll need a dwelling policy, also called a landlord's insurance policy, which covers limited property damage and liability.
  • Buy any home and have made multiple claims on prior homeowners' insurance- you'll typically only qualify for a dwelling policy, which covers only ten perils.

You have many choices in homeowners' policy types, and our insurance agency can help you determine which type of homeowners' insurance best suits the home you purchased. Let Minnesota's Brittany Olson Insurance Agency LLC, serving Cloquet, MN, help you obtain the coverage you need to protect your financial investment in your home.

While our office is located in Cloquet, MN, we serve all across Minnesota and Wisconsin.