Documents you should always have in your vehicle

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Documents you should always have in your vehicle

Every state has regulations and requirements in order to get your vehicle on the road and you behind the wheel. You need to be aware of those regulations but you need to follow them every time you drive your vehicle. 

Vehicle registration

If you have moved to Minnesota or are a current resident, you must register your motor vehicle. For new residents, you must prove who you are and prove ownership of the vehicle. You can do that by producing the title of the vehicle. If you don’t have the title because you still have a loan, you need to show your current registration. The Minnesota vehicle registration must be renewed every year. 

Your driver’s license

Your driver’s license should be on your person pretty much everywhere you go. Not only is it a picture ID but it shows that you have completed the necessary testing to have earned the right to drive. If a police officer requests to see your driver’s license, make sure that you have it where it is easy to access.

Insurance card

When you get your new auto insurance or you renew your old insurance, you will get a page with your policy that has a copy or two of your insurance card. If possible, place it in a plastic sleeve and put it in your glove box immediately. Place it in close proximity to your vehicle registration. 

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