Renters Insurance in Minnesota

Most renters don't know this, but there is no coverage for your household goods on the owner's policy if you lose your rented residence due to a covered peril. For instance, a fire or tornado.

In most circumstances, the property owner can only insure the residence itself and outer structures like sheds or workshops but not your food, clothing, and other personal property as a renter. This is why it is vital to protect yourself and your family's property by purchasing renters' insurance.

At the Brittany Olson Insurance Agency LLC in Cloquet, MN, we help Minnesota renters get the peace of mind they deserve. We offer affordable renters plans to replace their personal property after the unthinkable happens.

Another valuable benefit of renters insurance is the additional living expense benefits. With it, renters can have funds for shelter if their residence is unlivable for a certain length of time. It is a great coverage to ask an agent about at the Brittany Olson Insurance Agency LLC so that you can be secure as a renter. In addition, there is peace of mind knowing you could be covered to help you get temporary shelter, food, and clothing.

Did you know, as a renter, you can be sued for injuries to a third party or their family when they originated from within your residence?

In addition, damages to the property you are renting during a covered peril originating from the rental property are something that could also land a renter on the other end of a lawsuit. To discuss options, contact us at the Brittany Olson Insurance Agency LLC. We can offer Minnesota residents financial protection while easing the tension associated with these types of covered losses. A policy for renters' insurance is relatively inexpensive in many cases.

Contact us today if you are a Minnesota residence, especially in the Cloquet, MN area. We have the experience and expertise needed to help you make an informed decision concerning renter's coverage.

While our office is located in Cloquet, MN, we serve all across Minnesota and Wisconsin.