Tips for preparing your home and family for an emergency

In a world with very uncertain weather, emergencies related to that weather are quite common. Being prepared for them is important to the safety of you and your family. At Brittany Olson Insurance Agency LLC in Cloquet, MN, you will be working with a third-generation independent insurance agent. We will make sure you get the personalized service you desire. 

Tips for preparing your home and family for an emergency

When an emergency happens, whether it is in the summer or in the winter, the fact that you will most likely lose power is the first emergency preparation that needs to be done. Having a generator is pretty much a must if you don’t want to lose all your food or have your pipes freeze. Generators can be operated with gasoline or with propane. If you have a whole house automatic generator, they usually use propane. With a large generator, you can run your whole house as if no emergency is happening.

Without a generator, or with a smaller one, you need to have a supply of battery-operated lights, bottled water, and other supplies. You may be able to operate a furnace or air conditioner and maybe your refrigerator, but not everything in your home. You should also have a battery-operated radio and something like a Halo which can charge your phones and electronics. In a pinch, your vehicle has a charger and a radio. 

Having an evacuation plan for your family is vital to your safety. Not only do you need a plan to evacuate the area, you need a plan to evacuate your home in the event of a fire. Every member of the family needs to know where they are to meet, and you should do rehearsals.  

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